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Over 20,000 American soldiers have been wounded in the war in Iraq. This powerful documentary gives a face and a voice to these under-represented soldiers by telling one family's heartbreaking and inspiring story.

An intimate look at the lives of South Africa's black lesbians who were raped because of their sexuality but refuse to become victims. This insightful and moving film shatters all preconceptions of homosexuality in Africa.

Chagas, sometimes referred to as "the AIDS of the poor," is a disease that affects nearly 20 million people worldwide, kills nearly 50,000 per year, but is practically unknown to the general public.

A Sundance festival favorite, Crossing Arizona offers a far-reaching and up-to-the-moment look at the hotly debated issue of illegal immigration, as captured at America's current flashpoint - the Arizona border.

Ever wonder why Jews and Rastafarians both use the Star of David and make references to Zion? This exuberant documentary explores the surprising connections between reggae culture and Judaism.

There was a time when the Salton Sea was known as the Riviera of the West - a premiere vacation destination for the rich and famous. Today, it's considered one of America's worst ecological disasters. Narrated by John Waters, this irreverent documentary looks at exactly what went wrong.

A beautiful and poetic film about the last remaining Jews in Birobidzhan, the world's first Jewish autonomous region, established in a distant corner of Siberia in the 1920s.

In the 1980s, Paris was hit by a wave of deadly terrorist attacks. When the presiding judge unexpectedly released the suspected mastermind, he was vilified in the press, and several years later, took his own life. This powerful documentary explores the intersection of politics, ethics, media, and terrorism.

Subjects: African Studies
A compelling portrait of Angola, one of Africa's largest producers of oil and diamonds, as it struggles to recover from a devastating civil war and take its first hesitant steps towards a fragile democracy.

As China continues its unprecedented economic growth, Last House Standing captures the poignant story of an elderly man caught between his country's past and future.

For decades, U.S. strategists-for-hire have been quietly molding the messages of candidates in elections around the world. This critically-acclaimed documentary is an astounding look at one group's campaign to elect the President of Bolivia and its earth-shattering aftermath.

This striking documentary reveals the incredible story behind the greatest bank robbery that ever occurred in a Communist state - a tale of disillusionment, resistance, government propaganda, and Jewish life behind the iron curtain.

Earlier this year, Gustav Klimt's "Adele Bloch-Bauer I" was sold for $135 million, the largest amount ever paid for a painting. This wonderful new documentary invites viewers to explore Vienna at the turn-of-the-century and the rich artistic movement that engendered such a work.

Before The Ring and The Grudge, there was Suspiria. Hanging Shadows offers a critical appreciation of Italian horror cinema, a genre that influenced filmmakers from Quentin Tarantino to Takashi Miike.

A stark and honest look at the explosion of teen pregnancy in Brazil, this award-winning documentary follows four young girls, ages 13 to 15, through the course of their pregnancies and into the early days of motherhood.

Can a single building impact the career of an architect, the image of a global company and the future of a major city? Building the Gherkin chronicles the design, planning and construction of the controversial Swiss Re building, dubbed 'the erotic gherkin' by the British press.

An unflinching look inside the contentious recall of an immigrant rights activist in California, and the fierce conflict it sparked within the Latino community, between recent and assimilated immigrants, over what it means to be an American.

One of Russia's most renowned filmmakers, Loznitsa has been documenting the changes in his country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. His films are poetic, insightful and haunting portraits of contemporary Russia. This four-volume set includes: Factory | Portrait | The Settlement | The Train Station

Why would anyone buy someone else's family photographs? In this surprising look at the world of vintage snapshot collecting, nine obsessive collectors hunt for images/ that feed their fantasies and quiet the voices in their heads.

Collection: Kartemquin Films
An acclaimed documentary on American artist Leon Golub, whose politically charged work calls attention to human rights violations and the abuse of power around the world.

The AIDS pandemic in Africa as seen through the eyes of two young girls, an American and South African teenager, featuring the music of the Dave Matthews Band and U2.

Seasonale. Depo-Provera. Lybrel. As pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs that allow women to stop their periods for months and years at a time, this film investigates the social, cultural and medical implications of this popular new trend.

A wonderful film that illustrates the significance of gardens and green spaces in the face of ever growing urbanization and development.

Her opponents gave her the "Bullshit Award" for sustaining global poverty. Time magazine hailed her as one of the great heroes of our time. She is Vandana Shiva and this is a film about globalization, genetic engineering, bio-piracy, food and water.

As they gather salt, two young girls talk about a fellow classmate, a 14-year-old girl who was forced to marry a 73-year-old man. An intimate look at the reality of arranged marriages in Iran.

In a sleepy Hungarian village, after the First World War, a series of arsenic murders took place. Over 140 bodies were discovered. The victims, all men, were apparently killed by their wives.

The intriguing (and twisted) story behind the design and construction of the "Turning Torso," Europe's tallest residential building, designed by world famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

This documentary about the people embroiled in and affected by the same-sex marriage debate, deftly captures what gets lost in most news reports, the human emotions behind the headlines.

Since 9/11, American preoccupation with personal security has reached proportions not seen since the Cold War. In this film, we meet regular Americans preparing for the next terrorist attack.

An acclaimed documentary about the life and music of Townes Van Zandt, perhaps one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time, who inspired artists from Bob Dylan to Norah Jones.

A documentary on Michael Haneke, director of Caché and The Piano Teacher, one of the most provocative and important filmmaker working today.

A group of women in India are challenging male domination over a dangerous religious custom, where a human pyramid is formed to break decorated pots that hang several stories in the air.

Micro credit may just be a theory to some, but to three low-income women in Cali, Colombia, it has become a source of hope as they work hard to take the stigma out of poverty.

A passionate and balanced documentary about the "Courage to Refuse" movement that looks at the political, ethical and moral choices facing Israeli soldiers.

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