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Africa today is a continent beset by drought, famine, war and debt. In Zambia, a news reporter examines these problems and discusses potential solutions that might be applicable to the entire continent.


Examines the process whereby former colonial territories have gained their independence and the right to govern themselves. Archival footage, interviews and maps trace the changes during the last three decades throughout Africa, Asia, the Carribean and the Pacific.


This breathtakingly beautiful short film uses camera effects, voice-over, and music to create an impressionistic view of a small harbor located in East Hampton, New York, emphasizing the important role that the beauty of nature plays in our everyday lives.

Filmed in the heart of Brazil's Amazon River Basin, this video focuses on the work of the National Institute of Amazon Research, and shows how encroaching development poses a threat to the region's fragile eco-system.

This video portrays the work of men who continue to earn a living by harvesting shellfish from Long Island Bay, near New York City, and selling them to local markets.

What can the behavior of bees tell us about our environment? The Beekeepers is an innovative documentary that investigates the causes behind Colony Collapse Disorder, the mass disappearance of bees all over the world.

On December 2, 1984, forty tons of poisonous gas leaked from a Union Carbide (DOW Chemical) pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, killing over 20,000 people. Today, hundreds of thousands continue to suffer from chronic diseases and disabilities. Bhopali is an invaluable examination of the world's worst environmental disaster.

Since 1962 the United States has imposed an economic, commercial and financial embargo on Cuba. Bloqueo examines its effects, the reasons for its implementation, and why it has endured for so many decades.

Can a single building impact the career of an architect, the image of a global company and the future of a major city? Building the Gherkin chronicles the design, planning and construction of the controversial Swiss Re building, dubbed 'the erotic gherkin' by the British press.

Her opponents gave her the "Bullshit Award" for sustaining global poverty. Time magazine hailed her as one of the great heroes of our time. She is Vandana Shiva and this is a film about globalization, genetic engineering, bio-piracy, food and water.

How long do butterflies live? Why are butterflies colors so bright? This short film presents an informative, educational and visually stunning look at our favorite winged creatures.

Most of us rarely think twice about being able to buy a fruit or vegetable at any time of year or season. Campesinos... We Will Inherit the Earth profiles three children in Central America whose farming families are responsible for sustainably growing products that are everyday staples in our society - and are available every day.

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Examines global warming trends caused by the burning of fossil fuels, reveals the underlying causes of these climactic changes ("the greenhouse effect") and their likely consequences, and outlines measures which could be adopted by world leaders to stave off ecological catastrophe.

This film by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Nigel Noble documents the workaday lives of Brazilian peasants who cut down trees in the Amazon rain forest and burn the wood in earthen kilns to make charcoal, an essential ingredient for the manufacture of pig iron in the U.S.

This video includes biographical material about the Schnabel family, comments by Schnabel's famous former students, and concentrates on Schnabel’s later years as a master teacher.

This beautifully photographed video gives a rare (for Americans) view of Cuba. Apart from its current economic crisis as an embattled socialist government, it is also an undeniably beautiful Caribbean island which current U.S. laws prevent most American tourists from visiting.

This video illuminates the emergence of ecological design in the twentieth century. Beginning with the work of Buckminster Fuller, from the 1920s through the 1960s.

A powerful and unusually intimate portrait of modern environmental activism, Elemental captures the stories of three eco-warriors, separated by oceans, but united by their deep connection with nature and commitment to confront some of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time.


This video examines a growing problem in Zimbabwe, where herds of elephants from national parks and wildlife preserves are invading farming villages, destroying crops and occasionally killing villagers.

Examines the history and ongoing struggle for scenic preservation of Niagara Falls. By the mid-1800s, the beauty of one of the world's greatest natural wonders had been decimated by years of unbridled commercialism.


This video examines the history and current status of the region's family and commercial farms. It begins in the pre-settlement periods of 1640 and continues up to the present day, featuring interviews with numerous local farmers who explain how an increasing number of farms are vanishing from the Long Island landscape.

Also in: Environment
This award-winning series celebrates the scenic splendor of North America's changing seasons while emphasizing the urgent need for protection and conservation of the world's environment and wildlife.

What happens in the aftermath of a natural disaster? How are billions of dollars in aid spent by local governments? How does the desire for economic development influence the rebuilding process? Filmed in Sri Lanka, From Dust examines one government's controversial response to the Asian Tsunami.

A compelling, thought-provoking documentary, F*ck for Forest explores a unique form of modern environmental activism where sexual liberation merges with global altruism. This critically acclaimed film follows several members of the eponymous organization as they raise money for struggling indigenous tribes in the Amazon by distributing home-made erotic films on the internet.


Also in: Environment
Examines the aims of the Forest Stewardship Council, a new international voluntary body, to promote responsible forest management by monitoring the international trade in timber.

For generations, Cairo has relied on the Zabelleen or "garbage people" to collect the city's trash - resulting in the world's most efficient recycling program. A multiple award-winning documentary, Garbage Dreams considers the environmental and social repercussions when the city suddenly decides to outsource their trade to multinational waste disposal companies.

A social history of one of our most recognizable national symbols - the residential lawn. Humorous, but thought-provoking, Gimme Green considers the impact of this uniquely American obsession on the environment, our health, and our way of life.

A wonderful film that illustrates the significance of gardens and green spaces in the face of ever growing urbanization and development.

Shot during the seven months of the Brazilian sugar cane harvest, this video portrays what may be the last generation of the nation’s 800,000 sugar cane cutters (an environmental law approved by the National Congress has ruled that by 2015 practically all cane harvesting must be mechanized).

Focuses on the work of dedicated physicians, scientists and environmentalists who hope to heighten awareness of the ongoing destruction of one of the world's largest medicine chests, the Amazon rainforest.

Set against the staggering and exotic beauty of Mongolia, Kiran Over Mongolia follows the story of a young man as he attempts to learn the culture of his ancestors through the ancient art of eagle mastery.

As small farms continue to disappear at an alarming rate, a growing number of women are venturing into this tradition-bound, male-dominated industry - and revitalizing it from within. Ladies of the Land explores the recent emergence of the woman farmer and its connection to the boom in organic agriculture.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, three cities form a unique triple border between three South American countries: Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Beautifully photographed, Lands examines the impact of borders, commerce and urbanization on the lives of the local and indigenous population as well as the surrounding ecology.

An astounding new documentary on the first victims of global warming, The Last Days of Shishmaref travels to a small village in northwest Alaska, home to an Inupiaq Eskimo community, where homes are literally falling into the sea. The entire village is expected to disappear within 10 years.

Last Plant Standing, a four-part documentary series, travels the world to assess the state of the planet's plant resources and to meet the people and organizations who are working to secure them for the benefit of humankind.

One of the most critically-acclaimed documentaries in recent years, Leviathan is a groundbreaking, immersive portrait of the contemporary commercial fishing industry. Directed by the award-winning filmmakers of Sweetgrass and Foreign Parts, Leviathan is a purely visceral, cinematic experience.

This video tells the story of community gardens in New York City, which flourished during the Seventies when residents of deteriorating neighborhoods removed garbage from abandoned lots, obtained temporary leases from the city, and planted gardens.

For hundreds of years, the acoustic guitar has been made from the same species of Spruce. Today, due to an extreme logging practice known as clear-cutting, this tree is in danger of disappearing - and with it, the acoustic guitar. In this captivating documentary, owners of the top guitar makers unite with Greenpeace and travel to the largest forest in the US to meet with Native American landowners in the hope of finding a sustainable solution.

Examines environmental problems in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, where population growth, inequality of resources, and increasing tourism have combined to threaten environmental disaster for the Himalayan kingdom once touted as "Shangri- La."

Featuring extensive interviews, rare photographs and archival footage, this is a fascinating, candid portrait of Dennis Banks ("Nowa Cumig" in Ojibwe), co-founder of the American Indian Movement. The film chronicles the history of the American Indian Movement, from the Custer Trail to Wounded Knee to the Longest Walk.

There was a time when the Salton Sea was known as the Riviera of the West - a premiere vacation destination for the rich and famous. Today, it's considered one of America's worst ecological disasters. Narrated by John Waters, this irreverent documentary looks at exactly what went wrong.

An award-winning film from Russian documentary filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa, Portrait is an evocative snapshot of a disappearing way of life, a meditation on old and new Russia.


Shows how pesticides and other man-made chemicals which have been found harmful and therefore banned from use in developed countries are still being sold and used in Third World nations.

Looks at coal bed methane development and its impact in Wyoming and Montana, where people are catching-up to a changing industry that threatens the Powder River Basin.

This series highlights the urgent need for international cooperation to deal with crucial threats to the world's basic ecosystems.

A biographical profile of America's leading consumer advocate and author who has been responsible for the passage of dozens of major environmental, consumer and safety reforms.

This video traces the undulating route of the River Niger throughout West Africa, from its source in the Republic of Guinea to Nigeria, and discusses how this majestic waterway, as an essential communications and transport link, has molded the history and culture of the region.

Millions of people in Africa do not have enough food to eat. This video follows Dr. Florence Wambugu as she reveals the immediate needs of the African people to fight crop disease and pests, essential in saving their population from hunger and famine.

A critically-acclaimed, visually arresting documentary about a strange community in the Russian countryside, from renowned documentary filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa.


Welcome to Alang , India, the site of a gargantuan scrap yard where oceangoing ships come to die. Forty thousand Indians live and work here, dismembering and scavenging the hulks of 400 vessels every year.

A singular appreciation of waste processing - graceful, mesmeric, almost balletic - Single Stream plunges viewers into the steady flow of a materials recycling facility where hundreds of tons of refuse are sorted each day. Yet another revelatory documentary from Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab Single Stream locates the beauty, efficiency and futurism of an industry built on our culture of excess.

For generations, the Songhua River in northeastern China has been as a vital source of water, commerce and leisure for the surrounding communities. Filmed only one year after a major chemical spill, Songhau depicts the enduring and complex relationship between the local residents and their "mother river" and considers the environmental implications.

Environmentalist Dick Warner hosts this eight part series on trees and their relationship with the world around them. Throughout the series, he meets with conservationists, scientists, folklorists, woodsmen, seed collectors, forest rangers, wood turners, charcoal makers, professional and amateur foresters, and other tree enthusiasts.

Planted in Israel, harvested in Gaza, and exported to gourmet markets across Europe, the Gazan strawberry is the only product sold abroad as Palestinian produce. The amazing story of this little red fruit is a study in globalization and politics that offers a fresh perspective on the current Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

This documentary examines the human side of Mexico's informal economy, which is estimated to comprise some two-thirds of the country's working population.

On a remote archipelago in the Pacific Northwest, an uncommon abundance of animal and vegetable life has sustained the Haida people for countless generations. Following traditional food harvesters as they gather and prepare for the winter, Survival Prayer is an intimate ethnographic portrait of an indigenous community and the conditions - environmental and man-made - that threaten their way of life.

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An award-winning documentary, Sweet Crude examines the humanitarian, environmental and economic devastation caused by 50 years of oil extraction in Nigeria's Niger Delta. Filmmaker Sandy Cioffi - imprisoned by the Nigerian military during the shoot and released only after an international outcry - uncovers an international web of oil politics, big business and media manipulation.

For countless generations, Western ranchers have ranged their animals on public lands. An extraordinarily beautiful, critically-acclaimed documentary, Sweetgrass follows the last modern-day cowboys to lead their flocks of sheep up into Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth mountains for summer pasture.

When a group of Moroccan street children faced with the choice of emigrating illegally to Europe take part in a treehouse building workshop, they find themselves unexpectedly transformed. This wonderful documentary offers a timely and intimate window into the world of Arab youth.

In 1983, Time magazine bestowed its coveted person-of-the-year award to the computer. Since then, technology has advanced at an amazing speed, and people have been replacing their old machines at the same rate, creating a cyclical stream of hazardous e-waste. Terra Blight is an eye-opening documentary that examines the environmental implications of this global problem.


This video tells the story of a hardworking, self-sufficient, fiercely independent community of fishermen and women working the waters of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay. Guinea Neck, a once isolated village, must now grapple with conservationists, government regulators, and the sports fishing industry in order to preserve its way of life.

Also in: Environment
Challenging our traditional view of national security as being assured by elaborate armaments systems, this documentary shows how environmental deterioration has now become the real threat to national and international security.

An urgent, beautifully crafted examination of urban sprawl and its impact on the environment, The Unforeseen is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning documentary from director Laura Dunn and executive producers Terrence Malick and Robert Redford.

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Examines the extensive damage to the Vietnamese environment and people by the war, including the bombing which cratered the landscape and left thousands of unexploded bombs, and the use of defoliants such as Agent Orange which devastated the country's eco-system and are now resulting in cancer and deformed births among the populace.

This documentary follows farmworkers from California's Salinas Valley back to their roots in the fields of rural Mexico, where they recount their everyday struggle to cope in the midst of the globalization of agriculture and the impact of NAFTA.

Academy Award nominee! A powerful documentary that captures the stirrings of an environmental movement in China, The Warriors of Qiugang brings to light the incredible efforts of a small village to shut down a chemical plant after years of environmental neglect. It is the third film in a trilogy about the changing face of China, from the filmmakers of The Blood of Yingzhou District and Tongzhi in Love.

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A gorgeously filmed ethnographic portrait of an elderly Kenyan shark fisherman who has a primeval bond with the ocean and its creatures, Wavumba: They Who Smell of Fish delivers an enchanting depiction of Africa's storytelling tradition, where fantasy, dreams, belief and reality blend.

What can the construction of a golf course in Mexico teach us about globalization? This disarmingly engaging documentary offers a primer on how 'free market' economics can distort both culture and the environment.

This thirteen-part series draws viewers into the excitement of the North American wilderness with true life adventures. Each episode documents a different area in North America, showing how each animal species copes with its surroundings in the endless quest for survival.

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